The international criminal police organization estimates that since counterfeit drugs are deprived of more than 1 million lives per year,
the maximum 30% of pharmaceuticals sold in emerging markets are fake.

We have been thinking about ways to solve this problem while dealing with high-functioning health care drugs and medicine-related products.

Blockchain technology gives us a solution.
Namely, unfalsified bookkeeping techniques can be applied to the management of authenticity.
If such block chain technology is applied to the management of medical records correctly, our problem will be solved easily.
Isn't it possible to eliminate counterfeit drugs entirely? This is where the project started.


We aim to make a world where people in all countries
and regions of the worldcan use safe medicines
and live safely by using blockchain technology.


BLOCKCHAIN x IoT = m+plus network

m+plus project takes advantage of the decentralization, trustworthiness, collective maintenance and reliable database of blockchain, aiming at the opaque, centralization operation, difficulty in distinguishing true from false, trust and other industrial pain points of the traceability chain and the counterfeiting of medical drugs.
It will open up the traditional centralized information island, realize the business and data sharing under the premise of information security and confidentiality, and avoid the serious economic loss caused by the non-sharing and non-trust of data.

It makes use of the trading information of blockchain ledger to realize the tracing industry chain of pharmaceuticals. During the circulation process of medical drugs supply chain, in the m+plus project system, the important information of each link of the supply chain will be confirmed by signature and recorded in the chain after the identification of the third-party information.
It includes the procedures of drug production, component manufacturing, pharmaceutical principles, warehousing acceptance, storage, drug maintenance, stock picking, drug review and batch number adjustment.
It is the nuts and bolts of medicine circulation in the market. All data are safe and reliable and cannot be tampered with. In case of disputes, it is easy to trace, which ensures the safety and reliability of the ultimate trace of medical drugs in the whole supply chain and thus ensures the safety of medical drugs.




Since the blockchain can make digital information unfalsified, the reliability of the account book is ensured. However, the packaging itself cannot be digitally managed if it is replaced. Existing electronic labels are also expensive and may not be available for low-cost drugs.
Therefore, we will develop an APP that allows users to scan the QR code to tell the true from the false. All nodes, including the purchase, approval, production process, logistics transportation, customs inspection, drug sales and consumption, can be linked.
Each link will record the corresponding information and link it to the chain. Medical users can quickly query the source information of each link by scanning the QR code through the App.




Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Developer Akihisa Ishida

Position : Chief Director
Role : Blockchain Technology
Name : Akihisa Ishida

Blockchain Technologist Mas Hihara
Has 30 year history in software, telecommunications, internet service provider, hosting, data center and mobile communications industries in Japan. Experienced in numerous start ups to restrcturing matured companies. Now active in several blockchain projects and mining businesses.

Position : Advisor
Role : Blockchain Technologist
Name : Mas Hihara

Chief of Customer support team Sayako Kudo

Position : Director
Role : IR / Customer Relation
Name : Sayako Kudo

Councilor Masakazu Kondo

Position : Councilor
Role : Marketing
Name : Masakazu Kondo


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